I took my kids to the Second Cup Cat Cafe in Olathe, Ks.  We had a blast, it was after Christmas, so they only had 7 cats.  She said they usually have more, but lots of people adopted for Christmas.  We got a drink and 1 hour of time to play with the cats for $15/person.   If you go in the evening and on a weekday, it will be less busy.  The cats were adoptable for about $125.  I asked her about the other cat cafe in Kansas City and she said they do not allow you to hold the cats there, but in Olathe, you can hold and play with the cats as much as you like.  I did have to sign a waiver though…..  I got a coffee and my kids got Dr. Pepper.  There were lots of cat toys to use and several of the cats let us hold them.  The kittens were playful and preferred the toys to cuddling but it was fun waiving the sticks with a feather on the end and watching them jump high.  

After playing with the cats, we decided to eat at the restaurant Olive Garden on Black Bob road in Olathe, Ks.  The fettucine alfredo was a winner with my kids and the complementary breadsticks and salad were so good.  My family loved this experience and I recommend it as a top family choice for things to do for families in the Kansas City area.